Current Investigations


Current Investigations

Greenwashing of Consumer Products:

Ongoing investigation into companies that falsely market and sell a wide range of consumer products as organic, healthy or environmentally friendly. If you have concerns about the environmental benefits of a product you purchased, please contact the Lexington Law Group at

VOCs in Paint:

Our investigation into paint that claims to be “0 VOC” revealed that some indoor paint making this claim actually contains significant quantities of Volatile Organic Compounds. We believe that the colorants added to some paints contain substantial amounts of VOCs.  This issue is of particular importance to pregnant women, infants and young children who are more susceptible to the health impacts of VOCs. If you or anyone you know in California are more interested in finding out more about this issue please contact us at

PBM Clawbacks:

We are investigating what appears to be a widespread scheme by health insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to overcharge their customers for prescription drugs.  Many health insurance plans include a copayment requirement for prescription drugs.  However, that copayment is often higher than the cost of the actual drugs.  That means that you end up paying more for your drug in the form of a copayment than you would pay if you bought the drug outside of your health-plan.  The insurance companies and PBMs then pocket the difference. If you want to find out whether you have overpaid for your prescription drugs, you can compare the copayment you paid to the average market price of the drug.  Average drug prices can be found here:  If your copayment was higher than the cost of the drug, you may have been a victim of this scheme.  Please note that is not always perfect and even the market prices for generic prescription drugs can vary greatly by pharmacy.

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