Zero VOC Paint

VOC’s are volatile organic compounds that are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids present in paint and other household products. The Environmental Protection Agency states that VOCs cause a variety of health problems including respiratory ailments, damage to the immune system, headaches, loss of coordination and nausea, damage to the liver, the kidney and the central nervous system and cancer. These adverse health impacts are particularly acute in infants, children, asthmatics and those suffering from allergies.

Many paints are marketed as “Zero VOC” when in fact they contain and emit VOCs. These claims are particularly egregious because people such as new parents who might otherwise take precautions to avoid exposure to paint fumes for their newborns are lead to falsely believe there are no VOCs in the paint and thus do not take steps to avoid such exposures. Our firm has sued several paint companies for false advertising regarding false and misleading “Zero VOC” claims.
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Quemetco Battery Recycling Facility – Damage to Neighboring Properties

The Quemetco battery recycling plant in the City of Industry, CA has been polluting the neighborhood surrounding it for decades. As a result, the neighboring properties have been contaminated with lead and arsenic, two of the most toxic metals that are known to cause a host of health problems. Lead and arsenic have been found in the soil of the neighboring properties in amounts well in excess of the State’s soil clean-up levels. Nevertheless, Quemetco has never cleaned up or offered to clean up its neighbors’ properties. As a result, individuals living near the facility are continuously exposed to the toxic metals emitted by Quemetco. Worse yet, any of the neighborhood children who play in their yards are at risk of lead and arsenic exposure.

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